Welcome to The Exercise Coach - Webster Groves. We are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment. Here at The Exercise Coach - Webster Groves, we are energized to help! Let us introduce our team of Webster Groves personal trainers!

Justin Seffens

Certified Exercise Coach

Justin grew up in St. Louis and played sports all his life. In high school he suffered two knee tears which peaked his interest in rehabilitation, so he decided to get a Bachelor’s degree from Missouri Baptist in Exercise Science. After a major accident in 2009 he realized his passion was for helping people through exercise, so they can get back to doing the physical things they love. Personal Training at The Exercise Coach® gives me the opportunity to help people reach their full potential and for that I am extremely excited to be a part of such a great team.

Jessica Phillips

Operations Manager
Certified Exercise Coach

"Since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for helping others. The Exercise Coach® has given me the ability to follow my dreams. Since my first workout at their corporate headquarters, I knew this individualized workout program would allow me to help more people than I could ever have imagined. It is truly a different experience than any fitness facility I have ever tried, and I can’t wait to share the same feeling with everyone that walks in the door."

Jose Maltos

Certified Exercise Coach

Jose grew up in a small town in Texas and found his ticket out through sports with a scholarship as a potential collegiate swimmer. As a graduate of Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science, Jose participated in various exercise programs and shadowed his elder peers to continue learning beyond the classroom.

I am a huge advocate of safe, efficient, and specific functional movement that places emphasis on proper form, which is why I believe wholeheartedly in The Exercise Coach program. I feel the key to success is growth in the physical, social, and mental aspects, therefore creating personal goals, and pushing yourself are the path to success. At The Exercise Coach that is exactly what we do.  Working out against yourself and your own strength with a custom made exercise program built to help you get to a healthier state.

Don Eisenberg

Franchise Owner
Certified Exercise Coach

Don is the owner of The Exercise Coach - Webster Groves. He was born and raised in the St. Louis area and graduated from the University of Missouri, St. Louis with a BA in business. After selling the family business that he guided for over 20 years, he searched for an opportunity that would fit with his focus on exercise and the desire to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. "I am excited about the benefits that our clients will experience with just two, 20 minute workouts a week." Don plans to open multiple units in the St. Louis area.

Kate Mayes

Certified Exercise Coach

I am from Collinsville, Illinois. Growing up with three brothers, my love for sports started when I was little. I played softball all through high school, then decided to go to Heartland Community College for softball where I got my associates in arts. After that I transferred down to McKendree University to play softball. I decided that my passion was helping people live healthier lifestyles as well as coaching the skills that I have learned throughout the process. Exercise science was the perfect degree for me. When my softball career ended at McKendree, I spent my fifth year there coaching High School softball at Okawville High School and coached in the fall at Breese Elementary as well. I spent my last semester at McKendree as an intern at the McKendree Strength and Conditioning Gym as a trainer, where I worked with all the sports teams there. I learned a lot through the process and really enjoyed the Strength Coach profession, which led me here to The Exercise Coach.

Lauren Goehring

Certified Exercise Coach

I am so excited to be a part of The Exercise Coach team. My personal journey to a healthy lifestyle began about 6 years ago and grew into a passion. This passion led me to a degree in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. I love being able to have an impact on people’s fitness and overall wellness. I look forward to helping as many people as possible here at The Exercise Coach.

Tyler Brendel

Certified Exercise Coach

I grew up playing sports my entire life all the way through my freshman year of college. Once I stopped playing competitive sports I filled my life with exercise and fitness to make up a void and it is something that really interested me. I decided to get my bachelor’s degree in exercise science from southern Illinois university Edwardsville. After completing my degree, I originally thought my life path was going to lead me towards a therapy related career. I then realized after working at a physical therapy clinic that I really wanted to help people keep themselves from getting in the shape that they needed therapy also, help them move past and continue to grow stronger and live a healthier lifestyle. The Exercise Coach is a place that really allows me to work with the kind of people who really need a lifestyle change and It makes me feel as though I’m making a difference in those people’s lives.

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